Thursday, 6 November 2014


I spend a few days in coastal city Piran - Slovenia where we had this beautiful weather, great for street photography. I attempted to use different approaches in the same place because I'm often having a hard time finding an interesting point of view so I was pushing myself trying to shoot as many varieties as I could.
D800 24mm at f11 1/3200, 640 iso
At the upper photo I was trying to capture the decisive moment resulting four images from which this was the best one. There are virtually no overlapping figures, with silhouette girl and a bird adding to the overall composition.
"Parallel worlds" D800 24mm at f11 1/400, 640 iso
The second one I took  some 30 meters from the first spot, on Tartini square with reflections of the square in the bus window. My first notion was "too much distractions" but on the other hand, studying photo longer I'm quite pleased with result capturing both worlds in one frame.