Thursday, 6 November 2014


I spend a few days in coastal city Piran - Slovenia where we had this beautiful weather, great for street photography. I attempted to use different approaches in the same place because I'm often having a hard time finding an interesting point of view so I was pushing myself trying to shoot as many varieties as I could.
D800 24mm at f11 1/3200, 640 iso
At the upper photo I was trying to capture the decisive moment resulting four images from which this was the best one. There are virtually no overlapping figures, with silhouette girl and a bird adding to the overall composition.
"Parallel worlds" D800 24mm at f11 1/400, 640 iso
The second one I took  some 30 meters from the first spot, on Tartini square with reflections of the square in the bus window. My first notion was "too much distractions" but on the other hand, studying photo longer I'm quite pleased with result capturing both worlds in one frame.

Friday, 17 October 2014

24mm on the street

I recently got myself a used Nikkor 24mm 2.8 AF prime lens. You really have to get close with this lens on the street... its wide! Particularly compared to my 50mm that I'm used to. First, I thought 35mm is the way to go, but I wanted a different perspective. I'm still not close enough when shooting, but slowly getting there...
D800 24mm 2.8 at f11 1/3200, 1000 iso
Lens itself is small, very sharp and works great on my D800 and also on FE. Wish I could spend more time on the streets taking photographs. When I read all that articles about SF I see how hard it is but in other hand how rewarding it is.

D800 24mm 2.8 at f13 1/2500, 1000 iso

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Streets of Pula

A few days ago I visited the city of Pula in Croatia. Actually, it was more a short stop at city fish market for some fresh fish. I had about an hour time to find something interesting.
D800 35mm 1/640 f9 800 iso
Photographs that I picked are again on b&w and one in color. This time I used my sigma for wider effect. I wish I had a prime 35 or 24 Nikkor :-).
 D800 24mm 1/200 f10 1000 iso
Pula is definitely an interesting city for a street photographer and I'm certain ill return.

Friday, 19 September 2014


I decided that I should take up my own blog about my street photography. I'm an old school photographer shooting mostly commercial and some nature photography, basically with almost no people in my pictures. Lately I have been reading a lot about street photography on the web (Eric Kim blog - all info in one place), John Free videos - very emotional... love it John!, books, looking at masters photos... all in all I fell in love in SP :-). After reading and studying for about a month i felt ready for the street. I live in a small village about 30min drive from Ljubljana so I try to make the most out of it every time I visit the old town. At this time I mostly use Nikon D800 with 50mm 1.4 which I found to be surprisingly good for the job when there is a bunch of people on the street... I have also a Sigma zoom 17-35 at 35mm but it is just too bulky. I'll just stick with 50mm for now. My goal is to train with digital so I can later start using my Nikon FE which is already waiting loaded with b&w film :-).
D800 50mm 1/1000 f10 800 iso
Ok, I posted here a couple of my shoots and it was quite difficult to pick the ones that I think it is worth to publish. First time I took about 15o photos in two hours so I would like to slow down a little bit for the film camera.
D800 50mm 1/200 f11 800 iso
First photo I cropped quite hard because it just had to be done and I'm not a fan of cropping! Second I left in colour...(no cropping) it just looks so much better...Well, we learn all the time. The story behind this photo is that before the shoot,  man was facing the opposite direction (he didn't notice me because I was behind the glass on a bus stop) and then all the sudden he became frustrated about something, turned and angrily walked away.  
Please feel free to comment about photographs, blog, design anything ....